Friday, February 07, 2014

Knights of Badassdom premiere in San Francisco a great success!

We had a full house at the Knights of Badassdom premiere in San Francisco last night.  Over 200 people attended the sold out showing!

The audience loved it's unique blend of comedy and horror and fantasy. Of course, as an executive producer of the film, I'd seen the final cut before, but there's nothing like seeing this film in a theater full of fantasy and horror fans!  Hearing the audience laugh and cheer was worth the long wait it's taken to bring this film out.

Even those who'd never LARPed or played D&D got alot of the jokes, which was awesome! Of course, for those of us who used to play D&D, some of these were priceless.  Afterwards, I had one of our younger attendees ask me: What was dungeons and dragons? Was it some kind of video game? LOL!

Between Peter Dinklage's over the top old english, Steve Zahn's comedic wizard,  Jimmi Simpson's pretentious Game Master, Brett Gimpson's viking warrior Gunther,  not to mention Margarita Levieva's flesh eating succubus from hell - there were plenty of laughs to go around.  Oh and I didn't even mention Summer Glau and Ryan Kwanten - it was a great experience all around.

Here are some pics:

People starting lining up 2 hours before so they could get a copy of the poster:

Of course I ran out of posters very early!  If you attended last night's screening and want a poster, email me and I will try to get you one.

Not only did the cheers come for the stars, but Director Joe Lynch got a huge cheer, and even when my name came up as an Executive Producer, there were cheers all around - which was awesome!

We also had a few of the film's investors present, and a few LARPers who were in the film! Overall it was a great time ... if you get the chance, see it on the big screen. If not, then watch it on VOD next week, and for the hardcore fans, Bear McCreary's great soundtrack will be available next week.
And as a bonus, here are some pics of me wearing Ryan Kwanten's armor and, of course holding my favorite prop from the film, the "book"! (guess who the guy fighting the monster in the painting behind me is supposed to be)!

Thanks to everyone who came out in the rain!  Huzzah!


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