Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Recent Articles on the Zen Of Entrepreneurship

There were a couple of articles recently about the content of "Zen Entrepreneurship: Walking the Path of the Career Warrior", on a few popular entrepreneurship websites here in the US and in Europe.

I think they provide a good summary of how to apply the principles that the book is about to a startup or to any career path, really.   Rather than repeat the content here, you can read them at their original source.

The first was an article I wrote as a guest contributor for Tech Crunch, probably the most popular startup blog in the Silicon Valley, titled  The Zen of Entrepreneurship (Tech Crunch). It outlined four key principles that I think all entrepreneurs can apply to stay more conscious of how they are unconsciously affecting the course of their business, whether they want them to or not.

The second was on Venture Village, a popular european startup and career success website, titled:  How To Attain Spiritual and Work-Life Bliss.  It tackled the same principles but from a different angle, of how to have more balance and use your intuition in your career.

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