Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Zen and the Entrepreneur: The Startup Files

I just celebrated my birthday last weekend and as always, I found it a good time to reflect on the past year and the upcoming year. (Perhaps this is a good idea for all of us, since December 17 was also the day the war in Iraq was finally, finally over, and also the same day that Kim Jong Il, the leader of North Korea, keeled over).

A birthday seems to me like a more natural time to make resolutions for the next year, so that's what I did. One of mine was to write more. Which brings me here.

When I started this blog years ago, my plan was to write mostly about startups, along with some occasional tidbits about zen, meditation, science fiction, or anything else which popped into my head since the last entry, as long as I could somehow relate it back to the experience of starting and growing a company.

Like most things in life, it’s pretty easy to get dragged off track!

Two obvious examples: when I spent at year at Stanford Business School, this blog became about what life was like at the GSB (which led my classmates to have a running joke - whenever anyone said anything really funny or controversial, they’d to turn to me and blurt out: “Don’t put that in the blog!!”).

And, just last week, when I’d restarted the blog after a 1.5 year hiatus, I felt compelled to write about the Daily Show’s (wildly inaccurate) portrayal of my interview with them (See The Top 10 Things that the Daily Show with John Stewart Got Wrong About Tap Fish).

Of course, I'm sure there will be plenty of controversial and off-topic posts in the year to come (I promise!), but for now I want to shift the blog back to where I started. In this spirit, I thought I’d re-link to some of my favorite posts about… you guessed it… entrepreneurship (this is, after all, called the Zen Entrepreneur blog).

I’d like to dedicate these posts to those fearless individuals who, in the past year or in the upcoming year, despite the terrible economy, are willing to leave their well paying jobs, work long hard hours for little (if any) immediate reward, to take a risk and start a new company. In the process you will literally be creating something out of nothing, hopefully creating lots of jobs in the process.

I won't deny it can be stressful (if you've never had employees depending on you for their paychecks, month after month, or a mortgage of your own to pay without any paycheck coming in, or had investors and/or customers literally yelling at you ... well, welcome to the everyday world of a startup founder). But it can also be very rewarding on the days when things go right. And there are definitely some of those days too!

Here's to you:

Here's to an interesting year ahead for all of you who are already on, or about to jump onto, your own entrepreneurial journey!

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